Our Weekly Free Garden Experiences will enhance your love of Urban Gardening and will deepen your understanding of Sustainable, Responsible, Organic Gardening in South Florida.  If you are someone constantly searching the internet for Gardening Information then these Free Experiences are for you.  

Each week we discuss a myriad of Topics, as no lectures from a professor here, just interactive conversation, hands on education, practice and discussions while all co-mingle in a true Urban Garden Setting.

While each week we may have a broad topic we will often deviate from the topic depending upon the direction and interest of the class..

Bring a friend or two, or come make some new ones, as its much more fun to Garden with a Friend...


These Classes are FREE!!!

We present these classes so as to assist our neighbors with Gardening here in South Florida, and if you can support us great, we offer lots of plants, soil, and fertilizers that you wont find in any store as well offer in-home Garden consultations, Garden Installations and of course, advice like no other, and its all FREE!!

The area has some shade cover, and chairs will be provided. This is an outdoor experience so- NO AIR CONDITIONING!

What To Bring??

Remember this is an active Farm so closed toed shoes must be worn!


Sun Screen if needed


Are Bathrooms Available? Sorry not at this time, there is a facility less than a mile away

Is there Parking?

Parking is available  no fees 


​​​​​The Gourmet gardeners

"Grow , Cook and Eat Your Own Organic  Food"