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"Grow , Cook and Eat Your Own Organic  Food"


The easiest and quite possible the best way to grow your own food.  This futuristic technology utilizes water to deliver nutrition to the root system of the plants allowing for maximum nutrition density and a shorter growing period.  Grow just about anything you would in the ground, without soil...That's right we use coconut!

We develop vertical as well as table style systems depending upon the situtaion.

Single tower systems start at $375.00

Multiple tower systems start at $575 depending upon the number of towers requested.

Solar power is also available for the systems for those circumstances where there is no electric available.  Solar kits start at $350.00


Aquaponics takes Hydroponics to the next level.  Its similar in theory to hydroponics whereby the nutrients are derived and reclaimed from the waste of the fish in the system.  Think about it the best fertilizers are sea based anyway so lets cut out the middle man.  Its a combination fish tank and gardening system that once mastered will create a symbiotic sustainable growing system that will give you the highest levels in nutrition.

Systems can be custom designed and built in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. depending upon your space and desired food production needs.

Aquaponic Systems start at $500.00 all inclusive, even your starter fish.  Call or contact us today and speak with an aquaponics professional and set up a garden consultation today..

Learn what system would work best for you.


Grow Bag Gardens

Grow Bags have become all the rage here in South Florida, they come in an array of sizes, while we will gladly work with you to install and maintain your grow bag garden it is not the best and most efficient way to grow your own food. Having a  a list of the foods you want to grow is the first step to efficiently plan your grow bag garden as you will be wasting lots of money on soil growing one tomato plant in a 15 gallon bag.

Raised Bed Container Gardens are the preferred method for backyard and school gardens.  They are easily built and can be custom sized to the space available.  Our gardens come with all you need to get growing including soil, fertilizer and your choice of seasonal non-gmo plants and seeds to fill your garden

4 x 4 x 8 Garden Bed Package...........................................................................$450

4 x 8 x 8 Garden Bed Package...........................................................................$800

    drip irrigation systems are also available at $50.00 per bed (must have hose bib access)

We build Gardens and help people grow food. All beds are made from natural woods and handcrafted in our workshop. We have built and installed hundreds of gardens throughout South Florida. Call or email today and set up a Garden design consultation, at your home, school or community.


Grow, learn and connect with where our food comes from!

The Gourmet Gardeners’ Teaching Gardens promote health, wellness, and environmental stewardship through hands-on vegetable gardening and food education.

Founded in 2010 by cancer survivor Ian Wolinsky, The Gourmet Gardeners grew out of the belief that growing, cooking and understanding food can have the immense power to improve the overall health of our communities.

What We Do

The Slow Food Teaching Gardens promote health, wellness, and environmental stewardship through hands-on vegetable gardening and food education.


Last year, The Gourmet Gardeners are proud to have:

  • Increased its capacity to teach community members of all ages how to grow, cook, and understand food as a tool to reach optimal health and wellness.

  • Implemented the Slow Foods youth educational program, which provided 2,661 hours of garden, nutrition and culinary arts education to 12,232 children within 100 Broward county schools.

  • Expanded and operated four community educational gardens in Broward County.  Our Giving Garden initiative successfully donated half of all produce to area food pantries, with nearly 900 lbs. reaching families in need during the 2015 winter season.

  • Provided additional nutrition and culinary wellness education programs throughout southeastern Florida, reaching 2,752 adults and providing over 5,522 hours of educational programming.