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We are an edible garden company helping South Florida grow nutritionally dense vegetables, fruits, and herbs year-round.

Ian Wolinsky is an expert in Sustainable Agriculture, specializing in Urban farming.  Farmer Ian gained most of his experience learning from his grandfather working his farms as a kid;  with the belief that the garden is an extension of nature and something that must be protected and nurtured.   Farmer Ian never uses pesticides or synthetic chemicals to grow food; and as a chef he knows that taste and flavor is best served fresh from the garden..

Farmer Ian has been a leader in the sustainable urban farming movement throughout Broward, and now throughout Sarasota.  As a Master Gardener and the Coordinator of the Broward Education Foundations' Garden Delights program over the past 5 years he has assisted with the gardens  at nearly 100 county schools, community gardens and homes.  No one assists in the growing of  more food throughout the county than Farmer Ian. 

No matter your preferred growing method Our team of professionals will guide you and help you better understand what would work best for your growing needs.

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