Gourmet Gardens

We have hundreds of starter plants available for your garden at way below the box stores and all locally grown!

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It's easier than you think to achieve the perfect source for nutritional deliscious food

Nothing's better than having your very own produce available when you want it without all the dangerous chemicals and pesticides that is found in most of our over produced produce.  Let the professionals at The Gourmet gardeners help you plan your perfect edible garden wheather its for nourishment or for education, lets get back to where food really comes from!

Personal Chef

Why cook when you can enjoy locally grown farm fresh food prepared in the comfort of your own home!

Creative Decoration For Your Edible Garden

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Our History

We've been creating custom food gardens in South Florida for nearly 10 years

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"Grow , Cook and Eat Your Own Organic  Food"

​​​​​The Gourmet gardeners