Gourmet Garden Supplies

Raised Garden Bed Packages

Ground Cover, Ground Spikes, Frame, Soil, Nutrients, Fertilizer, starter plants or seeds based upon garden size.

Raised Garden Beds   4' x 4' x 8"- Florida Pine lumber Frame      $300 each

Raised Garden Beds   4' x 8' x 8"- Florida Pine Lumber Frame     $500 each

drip irrigation packages available at an extra charge

Custom Blend Soils and Ammendments

Special Blended soils fully comprised of the micro and macro-nutrients needed for successful edible growing in our climate.

Black Magic Soil Base      $3.50  40/lbs  1 cubic ft.

Pro-Mix BX Mix                 $45.00  60/lb compressed block

Perlite garden                   $20.00  10/lb bag

Vermiculite                        $20.00   10/lb bag

Mushroom Castings        $22.00   $1.00/lb

Pine Bark Mulch               $7.00     2 cubic ft.

Azomite (Slow Release)   $1.50/lb  (50/lb bag) or smaller quantities avail

405 Fertilizers                   $2.50/lb (nothing better for SF Growers)

Pest Management

A "Happy" plant is a "Healthy" plant and Pest Management is vital in your Florida Edible Garden, luckily all these products are safe, organic and have been proven to assist you as you grow your food.  Always remember to read all directions and to re-apple after heavy rain.

These are what professionals use and not available at the box stores

Neem Oil with Pyrethrum   $26.00

Bacillus Thyroxin (BT)           $26.00

Liquid Copper Sulfide           $25.00

​​​​​The Gourmet gardeners

"Grow , Cook and Eat Your Own Organic  Food"

The Gourmet Gardeners
Product Availability  2018


All herb starters are Fall Vegetable Varieties
South Florida Friendly Zone 11, Utilizing Organic Non-GMO Seeds, Rich Nutrient dense soil,

                                                          and produced under the care of professional growers.

                                           No harmful chemicals or pesticides are ever used in the production of our plants

              Herbs: 4”                                                                    Vegetables: 4"

                    Mint-Orange                                                                                                    Cucumber Diva
                    Oregano                                                                                                           Eggplant-Classic
                    Rosemary                                                                                                         Kale-Dinosaur
                    Tarragon                                                                                                           Kale-Vates
                    Marigolds (Y/O)                                                                                                Kale-Red Russian
                    Basil-Genovese (sweet)                                                                                  Onion-Bunching
                    Chocolate Mint                                                                                                Zucchini
                    Dill                                                                                                                      Peppers
                    Mint-Chocolate                                                                                                 Green Bell
                    Oregano                                                                                                             Red Bell
                    Oregano-Cuban                                                                                                Jalapeno
                    Parsley-Italian                                                                                                   Yellow Bell
                    Parsley-Curly                                                                                                     Datil (*)

                    Rosemary                                                                                                           Habanero (*)

                    Thyme-lemon                                                                                                    Scotch Bonnett (*)

                    Spearmint                                                                                                          Scorpion (*)

                    Tarragon                                                                                                            Sweet Banana

                    Chives                                                                                                                 Poblano

                    Flowers                                                                                                               Serrano

                    Nasturtium                                                                                                        Tomatoes

                    Giant Sunflowers                                                                                              Cherry Cascade

                    Marrigolds-Yellow or Orange                                                                          Beef Steak ( **)

                    Lettuce                                                                                                                Cherokee Purple (*)

                    Mixed greens                                                                                                     San Marzano (Roma)

                    Kale salad Mix                                                                                                    Brandywine

                    Seeds                                                                                                                   Black Krim

                    Carrot-Purple                                                                                                     Jubilee

                    Carrot-Orange                                                                                                   Stripped German

                    Swiss Chard                                                                                                        Old German

                    Rainbow Swiss Chard                                                                                        Yellow Pear

                    Beets- Red Bullis                                                                                                 Everglades

                    Beets-Chioggia                                                                                                    Mantoba

                    Spinach                                                                                                                 Tumbler


                                                                Starter plants are available for $2.50 each or 5 for $10.00

                                                                     Wholesale Pricing available for Bulk orders Only!
                                                                           Installation of Garden Plants shall be extra
                                                     Re-cycling credit will be issued for all returned plastics upon next order